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Experts In Lighting Design And Supply

GREMEN DESIGN with more than 15years of experience in the industry are committed to deliver the best service and product to suit projects and customer needs. All design and product are done specifically to meet client requirement and budget. GD specializes in facade, commercial, hospitality and retail lighting solutions.



GREMEN uses design software like Relux and Dialux as a calculation tool to help you design lighting in various indoor and outdoor areas. The program includes an electronic catalogue with data sheets, product search and specifications management of luminaires and lamps. 


These advanced software are able  to create your own superb lighting scene.GREMEN use software as a design tool to complement and contribute to the design process, for everything from complex calculations to presentation renderings.



GREMEN work with various factories and brand around the world to help client to provide client total lighting solution based on efficiency, suitability, performance and budget.


GREMEN architectural lighting range comes from Italy, UK, USA, Korea, China, Australia and Spain. The wide range allows the company to give clients various option and solution to meet their requirement. Product can also be customized to create exclusivity and efficiency.


GREMEN also design and supply lighting for shopping mall, hotels, commercial building, sports centre and residential building. Architectural lighting can range from general illumination of an area to feature lighting of a particular subject matter. Often architectural lighting will utilise specialist LED technologies to provide interior or exterior illumination of rooms, building facades, gardens, statues and other featured subject matters.

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