We specialise in the architectural luminaires for local and international markets. Our in-house capabilities allow us to fast track development without compromising quality. Our design process focuses on finding solutions in lighting and the design of light itself.


In order to continuously push the limits of lighting design and technology, we have always identify new type of technology available in the market and follow closely on lighting code development standard.


The effective lighting of a facade can turn a building into a real eye-catcher from far away. Lighting can be used to accentuate the architecture and possibly emphasizes the logo and the company name. The interplay between light and shadow can increase the overall impact and can leave a lasting impression.



Facade Light works pep up the visibility of landmarks to create intriguing visual attractions. We install specialized Facade lights covering buildings of the architectures, bridges, hotels, apartments, villas, showrooms, hypermarkets, shopping malls and stadium etc. Our innovative LED lighting systems integrated with remote programming and management help stimulate beautiful vibrant building illumination, creating a colorful architecture splendor to boost noticeability, visibility, and tourism and of course trade and commerce. 


Conceptual Lighting Design

Electrical Schematic

Product Specification & Supply

Lighting Installation

Lighting Effect & Scene Programming 

Operation Training & Manual